Abortion: A Free Procedure


A woman who wants an abortion can have one at no charge by showing her health insurance card, also commonly called a medicare card. Abortions are covered by Quebec’s health insurance plan and are free in hospitals, CLSCs and private clinics. 

To know whether you are covered by the Quebec’s public health insurance plan, see Éducaloi’s article Quebec’s Public Health System.

If You Don’t Have a Health Insurance Card  

If you aren’t covered by the public health insurance plan, then you have to pay to have an abortion.  

Court Case About Abortion Costs

In 2006, Quebec’s Superior Court handed down an important decision. It decided that women covered by the public health insurance plan don’t have to pay for abortions, even in private clinics. In its judgment, the Superior Court said that an abortion is a medical service covered by the Régie de l’assurance maladie (health insurance board or “RAMQ”). 

Before this court decision, some women had to pay if they had an abortion in a private clinic. Now thecan be reimbursed if they have a health insurance card.