A Look Back at 2021

In the News

What legal news stood out in 2021? Here’s a look at four major topics of note.

The pandemic  

Sadly, COVID-19 was with us every day of 2021! It also showed us how the law is part of our everyday lives. Whether it was government decrees, the curfew, the vaccine passport or other issues related to the pandemic, we did our best to present the law in a clear and understandable manner.

Sexual violence

This was also a major topic in 2021. We explained the different procedures against Gilbert Rozon: criminal, civil and class action.

In addition, the government decided to establish a special court for sexual and conjugal violence. This specialized tribunal is intended to be more responsive to the needs of victims than regular courts.


Rental housing was also prominent in the news this year. Among the top issues were evictions and repossessions of apartments. We also looked at the obligations of pet owners and problems with noisy neighbours.


The NHL playoffs stirred up lots of emotions last spring…and raised some legal issues as well. We explained the principle of acceptance of (certain) risks involved in a sport.