Schools in Red Zones: Stricter Rules

Legal News

Going to school during a pandemic means lots of rules: masks, bubbles, distancing… In red zones, new rules have been added.

Back to stable bubbles everywhere, at all times

All schools in red zones must return to a single bubble system. This means students can no longer participate in extracurriculars, inter-school activities, or school outings.

Special concentrations and pedagogical programs (i.e. arts programs and sports programs) must also use a single bubble system. Activities with multiple bubbles are allowed if two meters are maintained between the bubbles and public health rules (hand washing, coughing into elbow, etc.) are followed.

Lunch, bus, daycare: added rules

Students must now eat lunch in their classrooms if possible or in the cafeteria. In the cafeteria, students must sit in their bubbles and maintain two meters between students from other bubbles.

On the bus, students must have an assigned seat. To the extent possible, students must sit alone.

School daycare activities must also respect bubbles. If students from different bubbles are together, they must remain two meters apart or be separated by a physical barrier.

Special rules for high school

Masks are always mandatory
Students at secondary schools in red zones must always wear a mask while at school. This includes while outdoors and during class.

Sec 4 and Sec 5: remote learning every other day
Students in Sec 4 and Sec 5 will now alternate virtual and in person attendance at school.

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