Snow Removal Contracts: What You Need to Know Before Signing

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Thinking of signing a contract with a snow removal company? Now’s the time! Don’t just sign with anyone. Here’s what you need to know before choosing a company.

Pick the right contract

Most snow removal companies offer flat rate contracts. This means that they charge a fixed price for a certain period, no matter how many storms happen. If you sign a multi-year contract, the company can’t change the price from year to year because the price will be written down.

However, the contract can contain extra fees. For example, a company can charge extra for any snow that falls beyond a pre-determined limit.  However, these limits and extra fees must be clearly stated and defined in the contract.

Make sure the contract is complete

Like all contracts, snow removal contracts can be verbal or written. However, it’s best to choose a written contract. You should check your contract to make it covers the following:

  • The length of the contract.
  • The total price and how payments will be made.
  • The minimum amount of snow that must fall before the company will remove the snow (2cm, 5cm, etc.).
  • Deadline for the snow to be removed after a storm.
  • Where the snow will be moved (some cities have restrictions).
  • Related tasks like putting down sand or salt.
  • The location of hedges or other things you want to protect.

Cancelling the contract

You can generally cancel your contract for a good reason. For example, if you have a three-year contract and you are moving between winters. Make sure to check your contract – you may have to respect certain conditions like giving 30 day’s notice.

If the company doesn’t live up to their end of the bargain, you may be able to cancel the contract. For example, if they consistently fail to remove the snow on time.