Someone Shared My Intimate Photo!

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Your new crush asked for a pic and you sent it. Now, it’s online and being shared on social media. Is it your fault?

You decide!

It doesn’t matter if you sent the photo or not. The answer is always the same: it’s not your fault. If it’s a photo of you, you’re the only one with the right to decide who gets to see it.

This means that if someone (your ex, roommate, etc.) shares your intimate photo without your consent, they are committing a crime.

If the photo is of someone under 18, the person sharing the photo could even be accused of distributing child pornography.

What is an ‘intimate image’?

It could be a picture or a video of certain parts of a body, such as breasts or genitals. The picture or video could also show explicit sexual acts.

The people pictured in these images expect that they will remain private and not be shared.