The Legal News That Marked 2020

Legal News

The start of this new decade was certainly newsworthy. Important new legislation, almost daily decrees related to the pandemic, and some much-anticipated court cases. What should we remember from this last year? 

News about laws and regulations

End of prescription in cases of sexual assault and domestic violence

A new law was passed in June that put an end to the limitations period (prescription) on bringing lawsuits for sexual assault and for domestic violence. This means that you can sue someone in civil court no matter how many years have passed since the events occurred.

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The Régie du logement becomes the Tribunal administratif du logement

The new Tribunal administratif du logement (administrative housing tribunal) has the same mission as the old Régie. However, there are new rules for conciliation among other procedural changes.

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Legal consequences of the pandemic

Public health emergency

Red zones and social distancing…these terms didn’t exist when the year started, yet they are well-known today.

After declaring a public health emergency, the government implemented a series of measures to prevent the spread of the virus. During each wave, Éducaloi has been there to help guide you with our COVID-19 guide.

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Delays surrounding reforms on medical aid in dying (MAID)

In 2019, two Quebecers challenged the constitutionality of Canada’s laws on MAID. The Superior Court of Québec agreed with the plaintiffs and gave the government six months to change the law.

The Canadian government launched a public consultation in response. It has received three extensions from the court to finalize the new law. The Canadian government now has until February 2021 to pass the new law.

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Anticipated court decisions

Several decisions have made the news this year: