Want to Return Your Mother’s Day Gift?

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Don’t like the colour of the shirt your child got you? Do you already have that book in your collection? You may be able to fix that.

Exchange or refund

Stores do not have to accept returned gifts unless they are defective. However, if a store has a policy for returns or exchanges, they must follow it.

Each store has its own rules about what can be returned or exchanged and for how long. Did your child verify before making their purchase?

Documentation required

When you go to the store to return or exchange a gift, you usually only need to provide a receipt or proof of purchase.

For larger purchases, you may need things like:

  • the warranty or related documents
  • records of maintenance and use
  • documents that outline the conditions for refund or exchange.

These can help you save time because the staff may not have to look things up to process the return or exchange.

Refund for a service

Things work a little differently for services. In fact, your options to cancel a contract depend on the type of service.

The rules are not the same for a cooking class as they are for a new phone contract. To learn more, click here.

Turns out that a bouquet of flowers may be best, eh?