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Ariane Charbonneau

Executive Director

Me Ariane Charbonneau has been leading Éducaloi since 2017, after nearly 5 years as Assistant Executive Director.

Three things to know about Ariane

Her sport: Running. She runs almost every day! Marathons are a thing of the past because of injuries, but her drive remains.

Her historic event: The École Polytechnique Massacre on December 6, 1989. Since then, Quebec has firmly stood as a feminist society, and she’s proud of it.

People she would like to dine with: Her father, who passed away when she was just 2 years old and Jesus … for curiosity’s sake!

An entrepreneur at heart, she draws her energy and conviction from the dedicated team that proudly upholds Éducaloi’s mission and values. A member of the Quebec Bar since 1993, Ariane knows how to bring people together, build networks and implement her strategic vision.

Her exceptional career path and her involvement on a number of boards of directors reflect her strong commitment. Notably, she has served as president of the board of the Young Bar of Montreal in 1998 and as a director of Équiterre from 2013 to 2021. First practising environmental law, followed by municipal law, Ariane went on to earn an MBA from HEC Montréal in 2000, and spent ten years in business development with a transnational corporation in Toronto and Montreal.

Éducaloi was an obvious choice. Ariane believes strongly in education, which she sees as a fundamental social pillar. She wants to empower citizens and ensure their participation in society, particularly by demystifying the complexities of the legal system. Outreach, consolidation and diversification of financial resources are among her priorities for the organization.