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Arnaud Le Blanc

Philanthropy advisor

Arnaud contributes to Éducaloi’s outreach through its fundraising campaigns. He is working on the donor recognition plan for the organisations 2023-2025 fundraising campaign.

3 things to know about Arnaud

He would have liked to have dined with Yoko Shimomura, video game music composer, or Reggie Fils-Aimé, former COO of Nintendo of America.

The last book he read : Le bureau des affaires occultes, tome II - le fantôme du Vicaire, by Éric Fouassier

Hobbies : video games

A true chameleon, Arnaud adapts quickly. Creating opportunities is an integral part of his role at Éducaloi. An excellent communicator, Arnaud has co-hosted a weekly university radio show for over 4 years.

With his strategic vision and strong leadership, Arnaud wants to be at the center of the action, surrounded by a stimulating and dynamic team. Éducaloi has been a point of reference for him whenever he encountered legal complexities in his day-to-day.  Before joining the team, he was able to develop his skills in partnership management in the cultural sector. A bit daring, Arnaud is also the type of person who knows how to plan the consequences of any action in detail, whatever they may be.