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Guillaume Larray


Guillaume oversees various multimedia projects, from conception to production. He is Educaloi’s in-house video, animation, podcast and infographic expert and is in charge of preparation, shooting and post-production.

The last book he read: Alice Guy by Catel & José-Louis Bocquet. Portrait of history's first female director.

His historic event: 1895, the first paid public showing of cinema.

Coffee or tea? Simple. Black coffee!

He joined Éducaloi in November 2021 after working on film sets and in the fields of communications and marketing for over 10 years.

For Guillaume, good preparation is the secret to the success of any multimedia project. With a passion for audiovisual creation and Swiss Army knife skills in visual arts, he draws up concepts and scenarios, shoots and provides artistic direction for his projects.

Thanks to a close collaboration with legal experts, Guillaume is able to think about and translate abstract legal concepts into images. By depicting them in concrete terms, he makes them easier to understand and provides the public with the tools needed.

Always on the lookout for the latest audiovisual trends, he is inspired by ongoing exchanges with his colleagues, and will always be curious to hear about your latest cinematic favorites!