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Jean-Benoît Dionne

Plain Language Specialist

Jean-Benoit holds a degree in graphic communications from Laval University and worked as a graphic artist for many years, allowing him to hone his communication skills.

His longstanding interest in law led him to reorient his career in 2013 and enroll in law school at Université de Montréal. He became a member of the Barreau du Québec in 2017.

Jean-Benoit began his legal work as a stagiaire at Quebec legal aid in 2017 and subsequently worked there as a lawyer until 2022. During those years, he represented clients in civil and family law cases, before administrative tribunals and, starting in 2019, in criminal cases. A conscientious lawyer, ever alert to people’s needs, he is strongly devoted to defending the rights of the most vulnerable among us and improving access to justice.

Jean-Benoit joined the Éducaloi team as a lawyer and plain language specialist in February 2022.