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Me Michel Beauchamp, No.t. E.


Me Michel Beauchamp is a notary and member of the Board.

Three things to know about Me Michel Beauchamp

He conceived of, and served as script advisor and expert for, Chicanes d’héritage, a TV series broadcast on Vrai, directed by Charles Grenier.

He would have liked to dine with Fabrice Luchini for his incredible ability to play with words and tell stories.

The fall of the Berlin Wall was the historical event of the most importance to him. Berlin succeeded in ridding itself of two plagues: Nazism and Communism.

A notary for more than 32 years, Me Beauchamp has specialized in the settlement of estates, tutorships and non-contentious legal procedures. He has taught how to translate theoretical legal concepts into concrete and practical applications. In his view, when people are well-informed, they can assert their rights and participate fully in society. This, of course, fits in perfectly with the mission of Éducaloi.

Me Beauchamp’s career has had no shortage of surprises. If he had been told, at the time of his graduation, that he would go on to publish so many law books and have such an impressive teaching career, he would have never believed it — if only because of his academic results at the time!

He can take great pride in his notarial practice, which became a destination of choice for successions law, as well as the legal education enterprise he founded, Magistrum. But beyond his impressive intellectual achievements, in another sphere of his life, he is an accomplished furniture builder.