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Ms. Catherine Laporte


A member of the Board since (year), Catherine Laporte is also Vice-President, Marketing, at Rona.

Three things to know about Catherine Laporte

The most recent book she’s read: Four Thousand Weeks by Olivier Burkeman

The person she would most like to dine with: Céline Dion

The historical event of the most importance for her: the pandemic

An expert in marketing, e-commerce and client experience, Catherine is keen to make her contribution to Éducaloi. She inherited her interest in the law from her mother, who was a notary. Catherine views the law as a language one must learn to demystify. Her attraction to Éducaloi? A desire to help democratize legal language, which is often considered intimidating and inaccessible.

Catherine is recognized for her leadership, creativity and business acumen. She enjoys contributing her time where her expertise can have an impact. Her professional accomplishments include launching the Little Burgundy brand when she was at Aldo, and her commitment to building and expanding a multi-talented team.

Perceptive, resilient and energetic, Catherine has secured a leadership position in one of the biggest companies in Canada. Her perseverance is evident. A native of Joliette, she has advanced in a predominantly English-speaking professional milieu, although she was not fully bilingual at the outset.