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Me Annie Gaudreault


Since 2019, Me Annie Gaudreault has been involved with Éducaloi and served as Vice-President of the Board.

Three things to know about Me Annie Gaudreault

The most recent book she’s read: The Light We Carry, by Michelle Obama

The person she would most like to dine with: Sophie Brochu, to discuss governance, leadership, social implication and innovation.

She would have liked to attend the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Me Gaudreault is the Assistant Director of Legal Affairs for the city of Gatineau. Not surprisingly, she knows the City and Towns Act like the back of her hand. Indeed, Me Gaudreault has been involved daily as a lawyer in municipal law for more than 20 years. Her passion? Providing citizens with the tools to find solutions adapted to their needs, sharing her knowledge, and participating in democratizing the law. The mutual attraction with Éducaloi was obvious!

Me Gaudreault has a long list of accomplishments. Among them is her contribution to establishing the Tribunal Impac in the municipal court of Quebec City. This tribunal is adapted to the needs of people facing mental health challenges. She can also be proud of her implication in the City of Lévis, notably the transformation of municipal court files into a completely digital format and the establishment of online services for citizens.

Optimistic and creative, Me Gaudreault is also active in Centraide Québec Chaudières-Appalaches and Bas-St-Laurent, as she believes giving back to the community is essential. This fan of scrapbooking will no doubt surprise you, especially if you meet her on the dance floor!