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Sarah Dougherty

Plain Language Specialist

Sarah has a long history of community involvement and extensive work experience as a lawyer, journalist and translator.

This background has given her an intimate understanding of Quebec’s English-speaking communities and how to tailor Éducaloi’s services to their distinct needs.

Sarah is responsible for

  • developing a knowledge base about Quebec’s English speakers,
  • creating a plan to meet their needs,
  • coordinating all of Éducaloi’s services in English (website, print publications, services for schools, etc.),
  • building partnerships with organizations serving English-speakers, and
  • representing Éducaloi on important justice-sector committees where services in English are discussed.

Admitted to the Quebec bar in 1988, Sarah practiced law for many years in the areas of commercial litigation and constitutional law. She later co-authored a study on minority-language education rights for the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages of Canada.

Sarah then worked for ten years as a business and sports journalist for daily newspapers and for various magazines and websites. At the same time, she was a freelance legal translator.

Aside from her law degree, Sarah has a Bachelor of Arts in English literature and a Master’s degree in journalism.

She joined Éducaloi in 2009.