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Sylvianne Fréchette

Plain Language Specialist

Sylvianne designs, produces and presents legal information and education content to meet the needs of various target audiences.

Three things to know about Sylvianne

The latest book she’s read: Blessed Are You Who Believed, by Carlo Carretto

Tea or coffee? When she's on her best behavior: coffee before 2pm and tea after 2pm

A moment that’s left a mark on her: The birth of her daughters

A notary with a degree in psychology, Sylvianne is a member of the Chambre des notaires du Québec (notaries’ association) since 2016. Her specialties include real estate law, estates law, human rights, family law and business law.

Empathetic and enthusiastic, Sylvianne contributes to the radio program Debout les comiques broadcast on 96.9 CKOI since 2016. The adventure began in remarkable fashion: two weeks after being sworn is as a notary, she spontaneously called in to answer a legal question while she was driving. Since then, she has continued to inform the audience whenever she is asked.

On top of that, Sylvianne is involved in various committees and organizations. Her involvement focuses on the well-being of mothers, whether it be physical or psychological.  Wishing to work in an environment that deals with very human issues and convinced of the importance of promoting access to justice, Sylvianne joined the Éducaloi team in October 2022.