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Tommy Thurber

Web-content Manager

As Éducaloi’s web master, Tommy works with the newsroom team to develop clear, innovative and effective content. With a journalist’s eye, he writes and optimizes articles for the general public. 

Three things to know about Tommy

The last film he’s seen: "The Banshees of Inisherin", by Martin McDonagh

The people he would most like to dine with: Gilles Villeneuve et Maurice Richard

Drinks only tea!

Tommy worked as a sports journalist, immersed in the fast-paced environment of a newsroom. This is where he found his pen and decided to use his talents for the greater good. His most notable professional achievement: his media coverage of the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix.

With a background in communication sciences at the University of Montreal, Tommy quickly realized the importance of knowing his rights. In fact, during important stages in his life, the Éducaloi website was often one of the resources he consulted the most! It was only natural that he decided to participate in the organization’s mission since April 2023.