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Valérie Thibodeau

Community Manager

Valérie develops social media strategies for the promotion and visibility of Éducaloi’s content. Additionally, she manages Éducaloi’s presence across various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

3 things to know about Valérie

Someone she would enjoy dining with Lin Manuel-Miranda

Tea or coffee? Her body is now 92% coffee

The Black Lives Matter and #MeToo movements left an impression on her

A notary by training, Valérie specialized in real estate and personal law when she began her practice in 2017. She joined the practice of a notary who had been in practice for more than 30 years before taking ownership of the practice less than a year later when her mentor retired.

Looking for a career that better reflected her values, she joined the Éducaloi team in 2020. She first worked as a plain-language specialist before taking on the role of Éducaloi’s first community manager.

An avid reader and musician, Valérie also has a passion for sociology. Highly empathetic, she holds Éducaloi’s mission firmly in her heart. Combined with her enthusiasm and creativity, these qualities are instrumental in spreading the organization’s message across the web.