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Non-profits: Running an Organization

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Non-profits: Creating an Organization

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Are you on the board of a non-profit? You look at the big picture and make sure the organization stays on track. This guide covers some key topics to keep on your radar including board recruitment, board responsibilities, by-laws, risk management, good governance, and working with others in the non-profit.

Board Recruitment

Individual directors must be re-elected or replaced every couple of years. Sometimes, directors have to leave the board before the end of their term. Here are some resources to check out for all your board recruitment needs.

Board Responsibilities

A non-profit’s board makes all kinds of important decisions for the organization. These articles introduce you to the board’s main responsibilities and the basics of board meetings.


A non-profit’s board and its by-laws go hand in hand. The board drafts the organization’s by-laws and updates them as necessary. The board must also make sure their decisions respect the by-laws.

Risk Management and Good Governance

The board is responsible for the non-profit’s overall direction. Handling conflicts of interest, managing risk, and creating internal policies can all be key contributors to an organization’s continued success.

Working With Others in the Non-profit

There are usually many people involved in a non-profit. These articles explain the board’s relationship to other important players in the organization, like members or the executive director.

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