The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly changed our lives and continues to do so. This guide has useful legal information and other resources.

Government Resources

To get the latest updates, visit the websites of the Quebec or Canadian governments or Santé Montréal. (This last site has information in multiple languages.)

Public Health Measures and Restrictions

Restrictions on activities vary across the province depending what alert level your region is in. Your region’s alert level and rules are posted on the Quebec government’s website.

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Work and Compensation Programs

Remote Work

Remote work (sometimes also called “teleworking”) is more popular than ever. To learn about your rights and responsibilities during remote work, including occupational health and safety rules, consult our Facebook Live Work in the Time of COVID-19.

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Employment Insurance

It’s now easier to qualify for Employment Insurance (EI). The new simplified EI program will only require 120 hours worked in the past year. Normally, you must work between 420 and 700 hours to qualify.

Also, the EI program now pays a minimum of $500 per week.

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If your child attends a subsidized daycare and you live in a red zone, you have the option to keep your child home. But to keep your place in the daycare, you must continue paying your contribution, if the daycare service is still being offered.


Going to school during a global pandemic requires some changes.

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Care Facilities

In red zones, visits are not allowed in these places:

  • long-term care facilities (CHSLD)
  • intermediate resources
  • family resources
  • private seniors’ residences

There are two exceptions:

  • visits to a person at the end of life or to give care or services required by a person’s state of health
  • visits by caregivers who provide significant help to a senior

Caregivers who visit a senior must understand the risks. They must also agree to follow all public health rules and rules of the facility.

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Given current health measures, you might want to shop online. Check out our Facebook Live on online shopping to understand your rights and how to better protect yourself.

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