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Non-profits: Running an Organization

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Non-Profits: Being on the Board of Directors

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You’re thinking about starting a non-profit organization? This guide and its interactive tools walk you through all you need to know, from A to Z.

What Type of Organization to Pick

Incorporated non-profit, registered charity, co-operative, social enterprise … it can be hard to know what kind of non-profit organization is right for you. Learn about the pros and cons of various options.

Interactive Quiz

This quiz helps you choose the legal structure that fits you best.

Provincial or Federal Incorporation

Depending on your activities, you have a choice to incorporate provincially or federally.

Registered Charities

A registered charity is a type of non-profit. This type of structure is reserved for certain kinds of non-profits and comes with added responsibilities.

Step-by Step Guide to Creating Your Non-profit

This interactive tool walks you through the steps for creating a non-profit organization incorporated in Quebec. To learn about incorporation, see the first section above: What Type of Organization to Pick.

Creating By-Laws

By-laws are like a rule book for how your organization should be run. They also explain who does what.

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