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Non-Profits: Being on the Board of Directors

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Non-profits: Creating an Organization

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Are you involved in running a non-profit? There’s a lot to keep track of on a day-to-day basis. This guide gets you up to speed on some key topics like different roles and responsibilities, risk management, copyright, and human resources.

Different Roles and Responsibilities

Non-profits have a lot of important players: the board of directors, the executive director, and more! These articles explain who does what.

Risk Management

There’s often risk involved in running a non-profit. But there are things you can do to help prevent future problems. If something does go wrong, there are ways to respond.


Copyright protects original work, like images, videos, and music. It’s important for you to know who owns the copyright for an original work and when a non-profit can use someone else’s work.

Human Resources Management

A major part of running a non-profit is managing volunteers, freelancers, and employees. It’s important to know which laws apply to working with each group.

Working with Volunteers

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