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Consultation: Management and governance of non-profits
Date/time : 9 November 2021 10h00 - 12h00
Language : English
Format : Virtually (Zoom)
Category : Businesses and Non-profits
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Consultation: Management and governance of non-profits

You are a executive director or a board director in a non-profit. You have tons of questions about your legals obligations and don’t know where to find reliable information. You would like to help us better understand your legal needs when managing or governing a non-profit? We want to hear from you!

Éducaloi, with the financial support of Canadian Heritage, is currently leading a project to help English-speaking Quebecers with the legal aspects of the creation, management, and governance of non-profits.

The project aims to equip community organizations with easy-to-use tools in clear language. It also aims to support community organizations that help other organizations.

The project will involve a variety of legal resources, including interactive tools, participatory workshops, communities of practice, and legal clinics.

Your contribution to this consultation will help us better understand the reality of management, and governance of non-profits in Quebec. Together we will list your legal needs, prioritize content and reflect on the best tools to disseminate the information.

If you want to register for this consultation, click on this link!