Date/time : 26 February 2021 12h40 - 13h10
Language : English
Format : Virtually (Facebook live)
Categories : Housing and Property
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Éducaloi's Lunch and Law: Lease Renewals and Rent Increases


For most tenants in Quebec, January 1st to March 31st is the lease renewal period. For many, that also means receiving a rent increase notice from the landlord. 

In this Lunch and Law session we will look at the basic rules of lease renewal and rent increases. In particular, we will cover:

  • Are leases automatically renewed?
  • What must a landlord do to request a rent increase or another change in the lease?
  • How do I know if a rent increase is justified?
  • What are my options for responding to a rent increase notice?
  • What can the landlord do if I refuse the requested increase?

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