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Lunch and Law: Working from Home
Date/time : 8 September 2021 12h00 - 12h30
Language : English
Format : Virtually (Facebook live)
Category : Work
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Lunch and Law: Working from Home

After a year spent working from home, you might be heading back to the office ?

  • Do I have the right to insist on working from home?
  • If my employer gave me permission to work from home, can they change their mind at any time?
  • Am I protected if I have a work-related accident at home?

People may soon be heading back to the office. Éducaloi lawyers Alain Deschamps and Rick Goldman will answer these questions and others you may have.

Please join us for this Lunch and Law on September 8 at noon!

To take part in this Lunch and Law session, please, visit our Facebook page!

*Please note that we will not give any legal advice.