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Éducaloi’s Statements Regarding Personal Information – Donation Form

This page informs you about personal information regarding you that Éducaloi may collect, how it may be used, to whom it may be communicated, and your rights with respect to this personal information. Before completing the form and providing us with personal information, please ensure you have read and understood all the information below. You will have confirmed that you have understood and accepted all this information if you submit the form after ticking the box in the final section of the form:

  • I agree with the collection, use, and communication of personal information I am providing with this form, in accordance with the conditions for the collection and use of my personal information, for the management of my donation to Éducaloi.   

For more information on the handling of personal information at Éducaloi, please consult our Policy Regarding the Protection of Your Personal Information (coming soon).

Personal information collected

We collect the personal information that you provide in completing the different fields of this form.

Use of your personal information

Éducaloi uses your personal information to manage your donation to Éducaloi. This includes producing and sending you official receipts for tax purposes, if applicable.

Where your personal information is stored

Your personal information may be stored on servers located outside Quebec. Éducaloi has taken measures to protect this information, in compliance with Quebec law.

Communication of personal information

Your personal information may be communicated to service providers who produce and transmit official receipts for tax purposes, who manage Éducaloi’s finances (accounting services, postal services), and to tax authorities, where required. Your personal information may be shared with certain suppliers of computer applications that assist Éducaloi to efficiently manage the donations we receive. You can consult the list of Éducaloi’s main suppliers here.

Your rights regarding your personal information

You have rights regarding your personal information that Éducaloi has stored. You can ask us to send it to you and to correct it if it’s incorrect, incomplete or could lead to confusion.

At any time, you can change your mind and refuse to allow us to use and share your personal information. However, Éducaloi may continue to use your information if the law permits us or obliges us to. Your refusal may lead to the closing of your account, in which case you will be informed in advance.

You can send us any request by email at renseignements.personnels@educaloi.qc.ca

Do you have questions regarding your personal information?

Our Head of Administration and Expertises is responsible for the protection of personal information at Éducaloi. They can be reached by email at: renseignements.personnels@educaloi.qc.ca