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Get More Help

Éducaloi’s mission is to inform Quebecers about their legal rights and responsibilities. We don’t answer legal questions about specific situations or give advice about what to do in a specific situation.

For a comprehensive list of resources, please consult or print our 30-page Legal Information and Referral Guide.

It covers:

  1. Free Legal Information – online and some with telephone service
  2. Free Legal Information Clinics – telephone and in-person
  3. Free and Low-cost Legal Advice and Representation
  4. An Online Legal Resources Directory

If you need legal information or advice about a specific situation or legal representation, here is a short list of places to contact:

Lawyers and Notaries

You don’t know any lawyers?

The website of the Barreau du Québec (law society) has some useful tools:

  • Search for lawyers and lawyer-mediators by region and language.
  • If you are arrested, get a free consultation with a lawyer. (See the section “If you’ve been arrested.”)
  • Get information on rental matters (service in French only): 1-844-227-3790
  • Get information on criminal law matters: 1-888-954-9447
  • Get help preparing for small claims court: 1-844-227-3781

The JurisRéférence website also has search tools:

You don’t know any notaries?

The website of the Chambre des notaires du Québec (notaries’ association) has a way to search for a notary using various search criteria, including language, region, and accessibility of the notary’s offices to people with limited mobility.

Other Services

Under legal aid, residents of Quebec who meet certain criteria can get the services of a lawyer (and sometimes a notary) free of charge or at low cost.

Find out who can get legal aid and how to apply.

La Boussole juridique (the legal compass) is a search tool to help you find free and low-cost legal services across Quebec. You can find community, government, and other resources by region and area of law


See a list of free and low-cost services offered by lawyers, notaries, legal clinics, and other organizations.


CliquezJustice.ca is the francophone national legal information website that helps people in Canada understand their rights and responsibilities, to better manage everyday legal problems.

It is intended for Francophones in Canadian provinces and territories outside of Québec.

Visit CliquezJustice.ca