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Your Cookie Preferences

This page explains how Éducaloi uses cookies on its website and how you can modify your cookie preferences.

Éducaloi’s Website Uses Cookies Éducaloi’s website uses essential cookies to improve your browsing experience. We use non-essential cookies to analyze site traffic (for example, the pages that are most viewed, and the number of pages viewed per visit). These non-essential cookies enable us to improve the articles and other legal content we offer free of charge. We do not use any advertising cookies. 
Cookies are small files that are stored on your device when you visit a website. These cookies can come from companies other than Éducaloi when you browse our site. Cookies contain information on your interaction with the site and can be used for different purposes. 
In general, the cookies used by Éducaloi do not enable profiling, which involves collecting and using personal information to assess certain characteristics of a person, for example, their interests or behavior. 
Here are the types of cookies Éducaloi uses on its website: Essential
Essential cookies are necessary for our website’s proper functioning. For example, they enable the correct display of certain contents such as our forms, our workshops and our interactive publications. They also enhance our site’s security by preventing unauthorized access. 

Functional (non-essential) 
These cookies enhance and personalize your browsing experience on our website. 

Analytical (non-essential)
These cookies are very important for fulfilling Éducaloi’s mission as they provide information about our site’s visitors such as, for example, the web browser used (e.g. Google Chrome), the user’s location (e.g. city), pages viewed, and browsing time. We use this information to continually improve the legal content we offer.
Modifying Your PreferencesYou can refuse non-essential cookies, change your preferences, or accept all cookies at any time. 
Refusing performance cookies may limit Éducaloi’s ability to offer content that is well-suited to the public’s needs. In other words, accepting these cookies helps us help you 😊!