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36 talents

Our team

Every day, professionals in the fields of law, communications, and education do their best to achieve Éducaloi’s mission, with the help of a team of students. The organization is also supported by a number of collaborators and volunteers to achieve its mission.

Our team

Management Team

Our management team is as committed to the success of each member of the organization as it is with the fulfillment of Éducaloi’s mission. Composed of legal and communication experts, they ensure the success of the organization’s strategic orientation.

Ariane Charbonneau

Executive Director

Benoit Rullier

Chief Project Manager

Cathy Launey Alcala

Assistant Executive Director

Geneviève Benoit

Head of Administration and Expertise

Michaël Poutré

Chief Content Manager

Our team

Expert Team

With a diverse range of experience, our team of experts and mentors ensure the transmission and sustainability of our knowledge and expertise, while ensuring the quality of our content.

Isabelle Bourgeois

Education Advisor

Marjolaine Condrain-Morel

Senior Plain Language Specialist

Patricia Richard

Chief Editor


  • Manuel Gingras, UQAM
  • Elsa Jutras-Vigneault, University of Montréal
  • William Fauteux, Université de Sherbrooke

  • Mélodie Bombardier, Université de Montréal

  • Julian Camilo Ibanez GomezCollège de Maisonneuve

  • Amina Hadji, Collège de Maisonneuve