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Nihal Selim

Plain Language Specialist

Nihal creates and develops legal information and education tools for various audiences.

Nihal holds a Bachelor’s degree in law and a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the Sorbonne University in France. During her studies, she volunteered at the Legal Clinic of the Sorbonne, a pro bono legal information service offered by students of the Sorbonne to individuals who don’t have access to lawyers. She then decided to move to Quebec and followed the law equivalency program at the Université de Montréal, specifically tailored for jurists who studied abroad.

She was called to the Bar in 2020 and is on the Quebec Bar’s Board of Honors for the 2019-2020 class.

Before joining Educaloi, Nihal worked in a family and civil law firm in Montreal. She then worked as an in-house lawyer for a professional order, in professional and penal law.

Nihal joined Educaloi in 2022 with the hopes of improving access to justice.

Aside from her great interest in law, Nihal is passionate about poetry and philosophy.