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This section is intended for journalists, researchers and media professionals. Here you will find our latest press releases and other relevant information about our organization.

Interview Enquiries

Are you a journalist or a researcher? Would you like to have an insight into the law and better understand current legal issues? Or perhaps you want to know more about our work and projects?

By filling out this form, you will have the opportunity to conduct an interview with a member of our team.

Other requests

You want to use our content? You want to enter into a partnership? You can do so by submitting your request to our Assistant Executive Director, Cathy Launay.

You can also download our media kit and keep up to date with our latest news on social media.

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Media Requests

Important! Éducaloi cannot give you information about a personal legal situation. If you need legal information about a specific situation, you can contact one of the Community Justice Centres in Quebec. If you need legal advice, we suggest you consult a lawyer or a notary.

Media Requests

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