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Terms of use

By using educaloi.qc.ca and educationjuridique.ca, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted the terms of use described below. Please note that these can change at any time. Each time you use either website you are accepting these terms of use.

Type of ContentThe legal information on educaloi.qc.ca, educationjuridique.ca, and in Éducaloi’s newsletters and other legal tools, is information of a general nature applicable in Quebec only.
It does not constitute legal advice and does not intend to replace the services of a legal professional.
Therefore, nothing on educaloi.qc.ca, educationjuridique.ca, or in Éducaloi’s newsletters and other legal information tools can be interpreted as
– a legal opinion or legal advice
– a recommendation of a course of action, or
– an answer for a specific situation.
Requests for Legal InformationÉducaloi does not provide legal information other than through its websites, activities in the field, its newsletters, and other publications. Éducaloi therefore cannot reply to emails or other types of requests asking for legal information or advice.
Use of ContentPhotos and illustrations published on educaloi.qc.ca and educationjuridique.ca may not be republished, retransmitted, reproduced or reused in any manner.
Nothing on educaloi.qc.ca or educationjuridique.ca should be interpreted as giving direct or indirect permission to use a trademark or graphic design feature appearing on these websites. When Éducaloi gives permission to use one of its graphic design features or trademarks, a written agreement shall be drawn up and signed by the parties.
The information published on educaloi.qc.ca and educationjuridique.ca is disseminated by Éducaloi and Éducaloi holds the copyright on these materials. The information may be used, copied, and printed for personal use only. Any other use must be the object of a written agreement between Éducaloi and the person (or organization) concerned to grant a licence.
To set up this kind of agreement, or for any other questions, please write to us.
Limitation of ResponsibilityÉducaloi, and people collaborating with the organization, are not responsible for any damage that might result from use of the educaloi.qc.ca and educationjuridique.ca websites.

The educaloi.qc.ca and educationjuridique.ca websites contain links to websites created by other organizations. By clicking on those links, the user leaves the Éducaloi domain. Éducaloi has no control over these other websites.

The fact that they are referred to on the educaloi.qc.ca and educationjuridique.ca websites does not make Éducaloi responsible for the accuracy of their contents.
Personal Information and ConfidentialityÉducaloi collects personal information when you send it to us proactively, for example, when you fill out one of our contact forms or provide your email address to subscribe to our newsletters or register for one of our workshops.

Personal information collected
You can determine the personal information that is collected by looking at the different fields to be completed on the form in question.
Use of your personal information
Any personal information that you transmit to Éducaloi by email or through a form will serve only to respond to your request or to provide the service for which you have registered, unless we receive your permission to use it for other purposes.
Where your information is stored
Your personal information may be stored on servers located outside Quebec. Éducaloi has taken measures to protect this information, in compliance with Quebec law.
Your rights regarding your personal information
You have rights regarding personal information about you that we have stored. For example, you can ask us to:
– confirm what personal information we hold, 
– correct it, or
– erase it.
You can send us any such request by email at: renseignements.personnels@educaloi.qc.ca
Do you have questions regarding your personal information?
Our Web and Technology Coordinator is responsible for the protection of personal information at Éducaloi. He can be reached by email at: renseignements.personnels@educaloi.qc.ca
Professional secrecy
It is important to note that emails sent to Éducaloi are not protected by professional secrecy, also known as lawyer-client privilege.
Web AnalyticsÉducaloi uses Google Analytics to improve its web sites.
Information is collected and processed according to the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service of Google.