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Terms of Use

By using educaloi.qc.ca, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted the rules described below. Please note that the rules explained here can change at any time.

Failure to respect these rules can result in legal proceedings. Use of the educaloi.qc.ca website is governed by the laws that apply in the province of Quebec.

Limitation of ResponsibilityÉducaloi, its employees and directors are not responsible for any damage that might result from use of the educaloi.qc.ca website. Nothing on this site or in emails sent by Éducaloi is meant to offer advice to the public or be a substitute for the services of a lawyer. To get advice or a legal opinion on a particular situation, consult a lawyer or notary. Nothing on the educaloi.qc.ca website or in emails sent by Éducaloi should be interpreted as being
– a legal opinion,
– a recommendation on how to act, or
– an answer that applies directly to a specific situation.
Links to Other SitesThe educaloi.qc.ca website has links to websites created by other organizations. By clicking on these links, the user leaves educaloi.qc.ca. Éducaloi has no control over these other websites.
The fact that they are referred to on the pages of educaloi.qc.ca does not make Éducaloi responsible in any way.
Use of Content Published on educaloi.qc.caThe texts on the educaloi.qc.ca website is presented free of charge by Éducaloi and, unless a notice says otherwise, Éducaloi has the copyright on these texts. Except for personal use, the information published on educaloi.qc.ca should not be copied, reproduced, distributed, published, posted, adapted, modified or translated in any way without first getting permission from Éducaloi.

To give permission to use content from its website, Éducaloi insists on a written agreement. This agreenent will describe how the content can be used.

The agreement will also deal with the following: ensuring the accuracy of the content reproduced clearly identifying Éducaloi as the source of the content reproduced preservating the integrity of the content To set up this kind of agreement, send a request to contenu@educaloi.qc.ca.
Trademarks, Graphic Features and PhotosNothing on the educaloi.qc.ca website should be interpreted as giving direct or indirect permission to use a trademark or graphic design feature appearing on the website. 

When Éducaloi gives permission to use one of its graphic design features or trademarks, it creates a written agreement setting out (among other details) how the trademarks or graphic design features can be used. To set up this kind of agreement, send a request to contenu@educaloi.qc.ca.

Photos on the website educaloi.qc.ca should not be republished, retransmitted or reproduced in any way
Requests for Legal InformationÉducaloi does not provide any legal information other than through its website, activities in the field and publications. Éducaloi therefore cannot reply to emails or other types of requests asking for legal information or advice.
Contribute to Our MissionMembers of the legal community interested contributing to Éducaloi’s mission can write to us at recrutement@educaloi.qc.ca.
ConfidentialityEmail and online forms

The personal information you send by email to Éducaloi will remain confidential unless Éducaloi gets your permission to use it for other purposes. Apart from this information, Éducaloi collects no personal information on visitors to the educaloi.qc.ca website.

It is important to note that emails sent to Éducaloi are not protected by professional secrecy, also known as lawyer-client privilege.
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