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About Éducaloi

Éducaloi is a neutral and independent organization with a recognized expertise in legal education and clear legal communication.


Explain the law to Quebecers in everyday language and enhance their legal competencies.


Promote greater autonomy in legal matters for individuals and communities by making the law more accessible.


Rigour | Collaboration | Creativity | Neutrality | Independence

Areas of Focus

To carry out its mission, Éducaloi focuses on three areas:

  • legal information;
  • legal education; and
  • clear legal communication.

Our activities in these areas help Quebecers better understand the law, their rights, and their responsibilities. We equip them to be more active, aware, and able to recognize the legal aspects of everyday situations.

By putting these areas at the core of all its activities, Éducaloi contributes to improving access to justice.

Éducaloi offers easy-to-understand, reliable, and up-to-date legal information tools to make the law more accessible and to improve access to justice.

Many areas of law touch citizens’ everyday lives. Clear legal information is therefore an essential tool to help citizens understand the law, rights, and responsibilities.

As a leader in legal education in Quebec, Éducaloi develops teaching materials and activities that allow educators in schools and in communities to provide legal education for youth as well as adults.

Legal education reinforces the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that equip people to recognize the legal aspects of certain situations. It allows them to make informed decisions and to participate actively in society.

Legal education is thus not just learning the law. Having access to information is essential, but it is not always enough to prevent and resolve certain legal issues. People also need to develop “legal reflexes” and the confidence to assert their rights and act appropriately.

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Clear legal communication, often referred to as plain language, is an integral part of everything Éducaloi does. It allows us to offer high quality legal information and education tools to meet the needs of Quebecers. Our tools are easy to find, to understand, and to use.

Clear legal communication is an expertise recognized around the world and is supported by a number of international organizations with which Éducaloi is heavily involved. Éducaloi is a leader in this field, and as such hosted Clarity 2018, an international conference on legal plain language. We were pleased to welcome over 550 participants representing 20 countries, including approximately 100 judicial and administrative decision-makers.

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Involvement in Multiple Networks

Since 2000, Éducaloi has been a member of the the Public Legal Education Association of Canada (PLEAC) /Association canadienne d’éducation et d’information juridique (ACEIJ). Éducaloi also has a seat on its Board of Directors. Founded in 1987, PLEAC is a pan-Canadian organization dedicated to promoting access to justice. Its members carry out their mission through legal education services and legal information programs.

In 2019, Éducaloi established the Legal Life Skills Network. This network is a community of practice that brings together a dozen or so organizations in Quebec and Ontario that are involved in legal education. Its mission is to enhance the knowledge and skills of Network members so that relevant legal education resources can be developed and disseminated in a concerted manner.

Éducaloi is also a member of Clarity International, an organization dedicated to the simplification of legal communications, and of Plain Language Association International (PLAIN), an organization that brings together hundreds of experts and professionals from a variety of fields who are interested in clear communication.