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Alexandra Guellil

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Alexandra is responsible, alongside the  editorial team, for designing, optimizing and distributing clear, innovative and effective content. She ensures consistency with the editorial line, as well as with the orientations and strategies established by the team.

Three things to know about Alexandra

The latest book she’s read: Je ferai le tour du monde, by Alexandra Szacka

Her historic event: On February 18, 1999, Christiane Taubira, then a deputy from French Guiana, presented her bill to the French National Assembly for recognition of the slave trade and slavery as a crime against humanity. This law was enacted in May 2001.

Coffee, especially to kick-start the day...!

After several years of working on the frontlines as a journalist, primarily reporting on social issues, Alexandra has built up a solid portfolio. Recognized by her peers for her ethics, rigor and creativity, she’s always on the lookout for the latest media trends. Thanks to her Master’s degree in Public Communication and International Journalism, Alexandra has had the opportunity to develop professionally in Quebec and beyond.

Empathetic and a keen listener, she enjoys developing tools to collaborate with people in vulnerable situations in an inclusive way, as well as learning continuously. Alexandra joined the Éducaloi team in April 2022 as Content Editor before becoming Assistant Editor-in-Chief. Éducaloi seemed like an ideal fit for her as it allowed her to remain a journalist while putting her legal knowledge into practice. Since 2019, she has been pursuing an attestation of collegial studies in paralegal technology. What she loves most about her job? Finding the right words that speak to the general public and convey the complexity and nuances of a legal subject.