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Alexandra Guellil

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Alexandra oversees the development, production and dissemination of Éducaloi’s content, alongside the newsroom team. Her main tasks include managing production workflow, ensuring the visibility of contents, and developing media partnerships.

Three things to know about Alexandra

The latest book she’s read: La tresse , by Laetitia Colombani

Her historic event: On February 18, 1999, Christiane Taubira, then a deputy from French Guiana, presented her bill to the French National Assembly for recognition of the slave trade and slavery as a crime against humanity. This law was enacted in May 2001.

Coffee, especially to kick-start the day...!

For Alexandra, effective content combines information with storytelling. She knows how to communicate facts in a way that resonates with her audience and enjoys reflecting on how to develop content and convey its meaning effectively. Alexandra’s approach is shaped by her background in journalism and media, as well as her experiences in Quebec and around the world. She has a passion for words and enjoys bringing the human side of legal issues to light.

After many years “in the field” as a journalist, Alexandra has built a solid portfolio and a strong network, which she uses to promote Éducaloi. Recognized by her peers for her ethics, rigor, and creativity, she is also very involved in her professional and social spheres, which resonates with the other members of the team.

Alexandra joined Éducaloi in April 2022 first as a content editor, and subsequently as assistant editor-in-chief. Éducaloi’s mission keeps her on her toes and allows her to remain a journalist while developing her knowledge of the law. Above all, Alexandra loves finding ways to enhance the content Éducaloi creates, to capture the complexities and nuances of a legal topic in her work, and to pass on her journalistic skills to her colleagues.