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Eva D’Alena

Project Coordinator

Eva is a project coordinator. Her day-to-day work involves collaborating with different partners to carry out projects aimed at explaining the law in plain language to the general public.

3 things to know about Eva

Her latest book: Le philosophe qui n'était pas sage, by Laurent Gounelle

She would have loved to have supper with her grandfather, someone with a wealth of knowledge and a British sense of humor.

Her hobbies: discovering food and travelling

Eva promotes links between different parts of the Éducaloi team and ensures that each stage of a project is brought to completion. Before coming to Éducaloi, Eva provided legal support to non-status persons and asylum seekers in France.

One of her projects focuses on intimate partner violence within LGBTQ+ communities. As part of this project, she carried out consultations with key community organizations. The results enabled her to organize ideation sessions to help the Éducaloi team find a format that is well-suited to the needs of LGBTQ+ communities.

With a master’s degree in humanitarian and geopolitical project management and a post-graduate diploma (DESS) in the rights of foreign nationals, she was keen to work in a field that combined law and project coordination. Thrilled by the idea of discovering the world of clear communication and the law and enthusiastic about moving  the needle towards a more just society, Eva joined Éducaloi in October 2022.