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Jason Paré

Edimaster - Journalist

Jason writes articles for Éducaloi’s “In the News” section of the website, as well as for media partners like Journal de Montréal and Virage magazine. He also reviews and publishes content created by the team.

3 things to know about Jason

He has published some literary short stories and poems.

For a dinner gathering, he sees himself sitting with David Bowie, John Carpenter, Joël Champetier, and Laurence Giroux-Do.

A historically significant event in his eyes: the Great Peace of Montreal in 1701.

A proud representative of geek culture, Jason has been a cultural columnist and host for about fifteen years. He has, among other things, hosted four seasons of L’Étrange programme, a television and later radio magazine dedicated to all things imaginary and unusual. He currently collaborates on the show Horreur Xpress, which is broadcast on Frissons TV.

After working as a journalist for three years at Journal Métro, Jason joined Éducaloi following the newspaper’s closure. The significance of the organization’s mission, the opportunity to share his expertise in the media industry, and the chance to continue his work as a journalist convinced him to enlist in Éducaloi’s dynamic team.

Passionate about comics and fantasy genres, Jason didn’t initially plan to work in journalism. He studied cinema and even directed several short films before fully committing to the world of media.