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Audrey Boursaud

Project Coordinator

Audrey is a project coordinator. She oversees the development and planning of projects for the school world on a daily basis.

Three things to know about Audrey

The people she would most like to dine with: Josephine Baker or Simone Veil

The last book she’s read: "L'homme-joie", Christian Bobin

The sack of Rome by Alaric in 410 was the historical event of the most importance to her, because the event marked the end of antiquity and the transition to the High Middle Ages, which symbolizes her determination to participate in a changing world that needs to rethink the way it works.

First trained as a historian, then as a museologist, Audrey has worked for many years in the world of educational publishing, notably by producing nursing manuals. The link with the law? Making complex information accessible for, and within reach of, the general public.

A good listener, Audrey takes great pleasure in working as a team to find the best ways to make our laws understandable. Her goal is to empower citizens through legal education. She joined Éducaloi in September 2022.