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Geneviève Benoit

Head of Administration and Expertises

An exacting professional with strong organizational skills, Geneviève manages and supports the creation of Éducaloi’s legal information and educational materials.

Geneviève is strongly committed to Éducaloi’s mission and strives to make the organization’s expertise known to the legal community, the education sector and the public.

Since joining Éducaloi, she has spearheaded various important projects. She has a wealth of experience as project coordinator and as head of youth and legal education programs. Geneviève helped establish Éducaloi’s solid reputation among educators. She developed an important partnership with the department of education, making room for legal education in the curriculum.

Her intellectual rigour, enthusiasm and organizational strengths will ensure Éducaloi achieves its strategic goals in the long-term.

Geneviève was admitted to the Barreau du Québec in 2005 and since then, has used her passion and creativity to advance Éducaloi’s mission.