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Cathy Launey

Assistant Executive Director

Outspoken and approachable, Cathy supervises Éducaloi’s communications team and is a member of the management committee. Her role is to ensure the quality of internal and external communications, as well as the outreach and positioning of the organization. Cathy also supports and advises the general management team in developing and maintaining Éducaloi’s partnerships.

3 things you need to know about Cathy

Around her dinner table: the stranger who took her home the day she got lost in the rice fields of Longji, China

The last book she’s read: The Sleeping Voice by Dulce Chacón

Her drink of choice: (all) pressed juices

Interestingly enough, when she and her family arrived in Quebec in 2013, Cathy regularly visited the Éducaloi website, which served as a valuable resource to help her better understand the law and its impact on everyday life. Several years later, joining the organization became an obvious choice, notably to help make legal information more accessible and understandable.

Trilingual, creative and strategic, she developed an expertise in business management, events and communications around the world. This rather unusual career path has enriched her with new discoveries and encounters. Since then, she has put her experience and MBA to good use for the causes that inspire her. For over eight years, she worked for an international non-governmental organization promoting children’s rights, and is currently a member of the Conseil des Lavalloises.