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Jacob Caruso

Customer Service Agent

Jacob works with the education team, where he plays a crucial role in managing the pairing of teachers and legal professional volunteers’  for workshops conducted in classrooms. He also participates in the management of Éducaloi’s workshops for other audiences.

3 things to know about Jacob

His favorite sport: soccer (or football, as many French individuals would probably call it).

His latest read: MUSASHI by Eiji Yoshikawa.

At his dinner table, you would find Victor Hugo, Blaise Pascal, and Napoleon (but not necessarily Ridley Scott's version).

After gaining some experience in the non-profit sector in France, Jacob decided to continue in this direction. Upon moving to Quebec, he discovered Éducaloi’s website, which offered him useful resources as a newcomer. It didn’t take much for him to want to join the organization! Once part of the team, he quickly stood out by winning the Mario Kart and ping-pong tournament!

You would like to meet him? It shouldn’t be too difficult, since Jacob regularly represents Éducaloi at trade shows and other events.