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Benoit Rullier

Chief Project Manager

Benoit is Project Manager and a member of the Management Committee. His two roles in the organization enable him to develop new projects consistent with Éducaloi’s mission and the needs of the public, and to serve as a key planer on the project coordination team.

Three things to know about Benoît

His latest book read: Le monde s'effondre, by Chinua Achebe

Who he’d enjoy dining with: Victor Hugo, Che Guevara and Frank Hébert.

More of a coffee than a tea drinker!

After 20 years in the video game industry, Benoit wanted to use his creative and organizational experience to help marginalized communities. His MBA equips him to handle the organizational challenges faced by his contacts in community groups and other organizations. Since loining Éducaloi in 2019, Benoit has managed projects for English-speaking communities, seniors, and advisory services before becoming senior coordinator.

Benoit is also credited with the integration and internal use of Asana, a tool that facilitates project and resource management. He is often the first responder for interactive tool projects. Passionate, resilient and always on the lookout for ways to improve processes, Benoit leads with authenticity, thereby contributing to the growth of the organization and the furtherance of its mission. What does he love beyond his daily work? Costumes, smiles and solutions!