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Lionel Neyts

Plain Language Specialist

Lionel designs, writes, and optimizes a variety of legal content. He also leads training sessions and participates in various projects on clear legal communication.

Three things to know about Lionel

The last film he’s seen: Manchester by the sea, by Kenneth Lonergan

Who he’d enjoy dining with? Will Hunting

Tea or coffee? Oldelaf's song Le Café, that’s him alright!

After having gone around different parts of North America, Lionel became a notary in Quebec in 2021. Before that, he was a lawyer at the Brussels Bar. Lionel is also trained in new technologies and business creation.

A thorough lawyer, Lionel has received several awards of excellence from his peers. He has also authored many articles published in specialized legal journals. His interests include family and estate law as well as the protection of vulnerable people.

Motivated by the idea of taking the law out of its unnecessarily obscure language, he is taken by Éducaloi’s energy and innovative mission, which are among the reasons he joined the team in October 2022.