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Thais Cattani Perroni

Education Specialist

Thais is involved in the creation, enhancement, and dissemination of legal information and education tools intended for Quebec’s English‐speaking communities.

Three words that define her: introverted, studious and motivated

The last book she’s read: The House of the Spirits, by Isabel Allende

Who she’d enjoy dining with? Paulo Freire

She holds a master’s degree in education and was a trained history teacher in her country of origin, Brazil. The domains in which she is most skilled are education, andragogy and communication. Motivated by her passion for teaching and learning, she has held several contracts in teaching and research, both in Brazil and Canada. It is through these contracts that she has gained experience in two areas directly linked with her role at Éducaloi: effective communication and popular education.

Thais believes in the power of information and education in making people more autonomous and confident to act. She joined Éducaloi’s team in March 2023 to contribute to its mission to promote autonomy and confidence among Quebec’s population by providing clear legal information and effective legal education.