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Isabelle Bourgeois

Pedagogy and Innovation Advisor

Isabelle supports and advises the Éducaloi team in the development of innovative proposals, projects, workshops and pedagogical tools adapted to the needs of the public.

3 things to know about Isabelle

Who she’d enjoy having coffee with? Serge Bouchard

Her dream job? Horticulturist specializing in edible and medicinal landscaping

The latest book she’s read: Azteca by Gary Jennings

Thanks to her strategic vision and creativity, Isabelle is constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to optimize learning and results among Éducaloi’s various target audiences.  What drives her to pursue Éducaloi’s mission? Making a meaningful impact on access to justice.

Positive and welcoming, Isabelle’s expertise and inspirational leadership extend well into community, legal and educational circles. Isabelle feels driven by the desire to promote the place of legal education in these different milieux, so that everyone in Quebec can know their rights and develop the confidence to act accordingly.

Isabelle joined Éducaloi in 2019 as an Education Advisor and has carved out a role tailored to the team’s needs. Her skills in instructional design, facilitation and international law make her a key resource for creating relevant and coherent tools and workshops. Her many years of professional experience in education, research and tourism in Quebec and around the world also reveal her great capacity for adaptation and her curiosity about others.