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Advisory Services

Entrust us with your project ideas involving the delivery of legal information, legal education, and simplification of legal content. Our team of lawyers, communicators, and educators will help you make them happen! We use a collaborative approach and will propose turnkey service offers tailored to your needs and objectives, from project conceptualization to completion.

Whether your project is intended for a web, print, or audiovisual platform, our knowledge of various tools, media, and production processes is your guarantee of success.

When you call on our expertise in simplification of legal content and plain language from the development phase of your project, we can:

  • make a general diagnosis of the content to be simplified or, if necessary, propose a plan for the content to be created;
  • support your organization in defining its communication objectives;
  • help your organization choose the most appropriate communication tools and channels to reach its target audiences;
  • identify relevant information and the appropriate tone in keeping with your communication objectives and the needs of your target audiences;
  • produce or simplify content so that it complies with clear legal communication principles; and
  • support your organization in its internal approval process.

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Our specialists can help you enrich your knowledge and develop your skills in communicating the law more clearly and efficiently. Whether a presentation or a hands-on workshop, our specialists are ready to help you discover clear legal communication, sharpen your reflexes, or deepen your knowledge.

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Our team has recognized expertise and experience in creating pedagogical tools and activities. Being an active, aware, and informed citizen is a complex learning process that requires theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills and attitudes.

Whether your target audience is teenagers or adults, we can support and advise you at all stages of your education projects, either on specific legal topics or on the law in general.

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