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Anne-Marie Lavoie

Project Coordinator

Anne-Marie is a project coordinator. She develops and executes legal information and consulting projects for various partners. Responsible for initiatives that support newcomers to Quebec, she joined Éducaloi in 2022.

3 things to know about Anne-Marie 

The last book she read : Première personne du singulier, by Haruki Murakami

Her hobby : running (already two half-marathons under her belt)

Coffee... three times a day!

The role was a natural fit, given her background. A Franco-Manitoban, Anne-Marie holds a bachelor’s degree in political science. Her interest in human rights guides her every action. It’s no coincidence that she began her career in the humanitarian sector.

She spent three years in Lebanon, working with refugees and other vulnerable communities. She coordinated education, emergency response and refugee advocacy projects. Once back in Canada, it was Éducaloi’s mission and dedication to social justice that prompted her to apply.

Anne-Marie is a polyglot. Whether in French, English, German or Arabic, she has a great ability to adapt to new environments. It’s thanks to all her experiences, adventures and, above all, her friends and family that she has become a dedicated, honest and open-minded person.