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Ms. Marie-Josée Labelle


Marie-Josée Labelle serves as Secretary and is also National Director, Talent Acquisition at Héma-Québec

Three things to know about Marie-Josée Labelle

The most recent book she’s read: Cher connard by Virginie Despentes

She would like to dine with Michelle Obama, whom she finds inspiring

The historical event of the most importance to her: the École polytechnique massacre of December 6, 1989 touched her profoundly.

In joining the Éducaloi Board, Marie-Josée hoped to have a tangible social impact. A committed feminist, this human resources professional takes on social commitments that respect her values and enable her to have a concrete impact.

Marie-Josée is the go-to person for organizational changes, transformations and upgrades. She works to prepare people for the future. Diversity and inclusion are of particular importance to her. Passionate, committed and energetic, Marie-Josée enjoys providing projection data while remaining analytic in her work methods.

She is a person of many interests — able to closely follow financial and political information as well as channel her energy in a boxing ring. She likes to put her conceptual and creative sides to good use every day.