This court hears cases where the amount in dispute is $7,000 or less ($15,000 or less as of January 1, 2015). You can take legal action in this court to claim money or to have a contract cancelled.

The rules in this court are simpler than in other courts. Also, the people involved must usually act for themselves without a lawyer.

Before Going to Small Claims Court

One Last Chance

Sometimes it is a good idea to give the person you are dealing with one last chance to correct the situation. You can do this by sending a formal notice, called a demand letter. Sometimes the law requires you to send this kind of letter!

Other Ways to Settle Disputes

Is going to court the best way to settle your dispute? Other options are sometimes more effective, faster and cheaper.

Preparing a Case for Small Claims Court

The Table de concertation en matière de petites créances has created two very useful pamphlets. One is for the person taking the case to court (PDF), the other for the person being sued (PDF).

Also, the Bar of Montreal has a service to help people prepare their files in small claims court. (Service available in English, but Web page in French. Call the phone number and follow the prompts to English.)