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Vacations and days off. It seems like a simple topic. But take a closer look and things get complicated. Public holidays, vacation, days off to replace overtime, leaves of absence… On top of that, different rules apply to different workers. This collection of articles helps you understand the rules.

Labour Standards

First, you need to know if you fall under a law called An Act respecting labour standards. It covers most employees in Quebec and creates basic workplace protections. However, if does not cover everyone. For example, it doesn’t apply to self-employed workers and people working for companies under federal labour laws. Also, some workers are only partly protected by this law.

See whether the Act respecting labour standards applies to you.

Public Holidays and Vacation

There are a lot of myths about public holidays and annual vacation.For employees covered by An Act respecting labour standards, these articles sort out the situation.

Other Types of Time Off

There other types of time off: parental leave, leave for personal or family reasons, days off to replace overtime pay, etc. Have a look at these articles.

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