Date/heure : 26 janvier 2021 10h00 - 11h30
Langue : Anglais
Mode de présentation : Virtuel (Zoom)
Catégorie(s) : Crimes et contravention
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Criminal Law, Consent, and Sexual Assault


Cette formation est seulement offerte en anglais.

Éducaloi is offering an online workshop (via Zoom) about consent, sexual assault and related crimes, and an overview of the legal process when someone files a complaint. 

We will look at:

  • several crimes of a sexual nature (sexual assault, sexual exploitation, luring, child pornography, sharing intimate images, etc.)
  • the legal parameters of sexual consent
  • main concepts in criminal law
  • the legal process when someone files a complaint
  • the youth criminal justice system

This workshop is open to anyone interested in the topic.


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